Sad times for Kenya

Dear Friends,

Last week I was hopeful that initial violence following the disputed elections in Kenya had eased a little. Our Born Free Kenya team were back at work and life, at least for some, had returned to a semblance of normality.  Horrific events this week, however, have been a terrible reminder that the situation remains extremely volatile and uncertain.  I have only today heard heartbreaking reports of whole families being forced to pack up their belongings and move away from homes in which they have lived all their lives.

On a positive note, we can at least be reassured that our friends and colleagues in the Born Free Kenya team are all safe and well. 

These are sad times for the people of Kenya, and we can only guess at the long-term implications for the country.  How long will it be before the hundreds of thousands of displaced people have a home once again?  How long will it be before tourists are confident enough to return, providing a desperately needed boost to the economy? Only time will tell.  The widespread consequences of this dispute and violence are almost too frightening to contemplate.

For now, however, we can only hope for lasting peace and security.  Without this, the future for Kenya’s people and wildlife looks very bleak indeed.

Blogging off,


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