Life in Cold Blood – Sir David speaks to Born Free

Dear Friends

Following the news that the demand for reptiles and snakes has boomed as an unintended result of Sir David Attenborough’s latest series, Life in Cold Blood, I asked Sir David for his reaction to the news.

He pointed out that anyone who thinks that keeping such species is easy, is quite mistaken and went on to say, “I would have hoped that it (Life in Cold Blood) would promote an interest in their welfare and conservation in the wild …… I was concerned to hear that the series has been connected with an increase in the popularity of reptiles and amphibians as pets ……”. He went on to warn of the consequences to species in their natural habitat from the pet trade, “Many animals in the pet trade are collected from the wild and that can lead to population or even species extinction.”

I totally agree with Sir David, and would, perhaps, go even further to say that when animals become the latest fashion accessory, there is almost always widespread and severe suffering involved. So my message is clear: Please do not buy these exotic species as pets. There are tens of thousands of unwanted companion animals at reputable rescue centres – cats and dogs – that do need a good, compassionate and caring home. Show the love but show it to the right animal!

Thank you Sir David.

Blogging off.


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