Circus Abuse?

The Great British Circus is back on tour but don’t think that it’s all about jolly entertainment!    

According to a broadcast on BBC Nottingham Radio, the owner of the Great British Circus, Martin Lacey, delivered a tirade of abuse topped off with some physical argy-bargwhen a BBC interview at the circus took a turn for the worse.

It all seemed to be going so well. The interviewer was respectful but, quite rightly, asked questions that represented a range of public opinion. However, it seems Mr Lacey took offence to the reporter’s suggestion that a camel was tethered when it was not. The reporter acknowledged his mistake (it was ‘dark’) but by then Mr Lacey was in full flow, swearing repeatedly and apparently (according to the audio) bundling the reporter out.

Born Free has been campaigning for many years to end the use of wild animals in circuses and we still hope that despite the Government’s lack-lustre performance on this issue over the last year or so, a decision will soon be made to bring to an end the exploitation of wild animals in this way.

In the meantime, Mr Lacey’s ‘colourful’  personality helps keep the issue – and the plight of the animals – in the spotlight.  Good work!

Blogging off.


P.S. Listen to the interview in full, or a shortened ‘bleeped’ version at the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) website.

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