A cool decision in Chile

While the Westminster authorities seem content to allow the use of wild animals in circuses to continue despite overwhelming public and Parliamentary opposition, an increasingly long list of countries and municipalities around the world have taken a stand against this outdated practice.

News reaches us that that Raul Alcaino, Mayor of Santiago, Chile, has recently decided to ban all circuses using animal acts to “prevent animals from being cramped together and taken away from their natural habitat.” I would like to extend the thanks of the Born Free Foundation to Sr. Alcaino for his prudent and compassionate decision.

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P.S. You can pass on your thanks to the Mayor via the following email addresses:


4 Responses to “A cool decision in Chile”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I was just browsing different lion and wildlife web sites, and found your blog. I am delighted to here that the Mayor of Santiago has taken that action. I did take the time to write an email to him to thank him for it.

  2. Neville Wells Says:

    Well done,Chile, muchas gracias!

    My MP will not sign EDMs “as they only draw attention to a subject and rarely lead to a debate in the House of Commons”, but he has written again to Defra for me so it’s still worth writing to one’s MP. But there is so much “faffing” about here! How did the mayor of Santiago manage it there, I wonder?

    Speaking of circuses, I am boycotting the Chinese Olympics altogether because of their reported record on animal abuse. I have written to the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, and BBC Wildlife magazine about it and look forward to a favourable outcome for the animals following Born Free’s own current efforts on their behalf.

  3. Neville Wells Says:

    How about conducting a poll of those nations who have banned wild animals in their circuses, and presenting its findings to our own Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs?

  4. Neville Wells Says:

    Received a morally ambivalent reply today from DEFRA (Jeff Rooker/ Minister)via MP.The lack of scientific evidence seems to have worked against wild circus animals in last November’s report on them but Hilary Benn claims to be committed to producing Regulations on their welfare under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.He acknowledges that there is a strong body of opinion in Parliament and beyond in favour of a ban.The Government will now “want to hear reactions to Nov’s report and to consider its position”. Policy discussions are ongoing.He should be asked for a time limit.Meanwhile have a look on You Tube and even allowing for out of date videos taken mainly abroad, see whether it is likely that UK circus animals receive ” a suitable place to live” and “the ability to show normal behaviour patterns”(AW Act). I think not!