Dear Friends

There’s been quite a lot of muttering in the Press recently about the future of zoos – no doubt encouraged by the new Gorilla Kingdom exhibit at the London Zoo (cost: $10 million). It’s fascinating to see how far society has come in the last 25 years (since Born Free was formed more or less) when it comes to zoos. In the UK at least the easy acceptance of collections of wild animals confined in small cages and enclosures in the middle of our own urban sprawl no longer fascinates or captivates us (pardon the pun). Even die-hard zoo fanatics temper their enthusiasm with a recognition that there may be something ever so slightly disturbing about the living collection mentality, whether it is dressed up as conservation or not. Meanwhile, in the USA the pace at which zoos are shedding their elephants seems to grow. More lucky animals have recently arrived at the PAWS sanctuary in California and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where a few hundred square yards in the zoo have made way for enclosures measuring tens and sometime hundreds of acres. It’s all part of a process. Barely 20 years ago there were dolphins in captivity in the UK, now there are none. There were Polar bears, now there is one. Things do change but it seems to take forever! That’s zoovolution for you!

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