Tigers are burning bright at CITES

Tigers in the wild are in deep trouble. I’ve seen images of a terrified snared tiger shot at point blank range to supply Far Eastern medicinal markets. So why isn’t more being done and why are some people saying we should liberalise the trade in tiger products?

Confused about tigers – you should be!

There are perhaps 5,000 tigers in Chinese Tiger Farms (despite the fact that trade in tiger products has been banned in the country since 1993)…. so why are they there?

Because some unscrupulous profiteers are speculating that trade will be opened up in tiger products (skin, meat, bones, etc., ) from tiger farms and then they will – quite literally – make a killing.

It is estimated that the current tiger farm stock can produce between 800 and 1,000 cubs every year and that, if sales were approved, this would make a few people very wealthy indeed.

Officially the Chinese government is saying that it backs the current ban but, the reality on the ground in China, indicates otherwise.

Many tiger conservation and animal protection groups, including both Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA, have formed a new alliance called the International Tiger CoalitionĀ  to try and encourage all Parties to CITES, and particularly China, to make the trade ban permanent, thereby ending once and for all, the speculative breeding of tigers for commercial gain.

I hope we succeed. I have seen reports on these tiger farms where in some cases, it is possible to buy live animals such as cows and watch them being fed to the tigers amidst scenes that are reminiscent of ancient Rome. Let’s be clear, tiger farms do nothing for conservation, impose significant suffering and deprivation and, in my view, simply serve to stimulate ongoing public desire for tiger products. It’s disgusting!


One Response to “Tigers are burning bright at CITES”

  1. Sue Nightingale Says:

    I have only recently found out about these tiger farms – and could not believe what I was hearing – let alone when I saw the Sky News footage of the live cows being fed to the tigers – I was absolutely horrified and disgusted. I also couldn’t believe how the audience were actually enjoying what they were seeing – and to include their young children in all this too I found extremely worrying. I often wonder when and how we are going to put a stop to all such unnecessary animal suffering around the world – it truly breaks my heart to see and read about it. I can only hope that all the many animal welfare organisations in the world can/will unite to combat all of it together one day soon?