The day before the race!

Dear Friends

The day before the race! Stopped for provisions en route out of Nairobi and drove the 5 hour up-country journey to the slopes of Mount Kenya. Right now, as the sun sets, I am standing looking down from the foothills across towards the lower plains of Isiolo and the desert country beyond.

Hired the four bikes for the Born Free team, tested mine and immediately fell head-over-heels off in front of everybody! Luckily no serious injuries but pride mightily dented.

Most of the other competitors have arrived (up to around 200 people altogether).

The route has changed so tomorrow morning early, we start by climbing a further 300-400 ft up Mount Kenya before turning and heading down. The sunset is beautiful but we are feeling that it is the calm before the storm.

Check in for tomorrow’s blog about the race itself.

Blog off


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