Solomon Island Dolphins – the nightmare continues

Dear Friends

If you thought I was mad before, now I am REALLY mad!

The news is that two plane loads of live dolphins left the Solomon Islands and arrived in Dubai yesterday.  They left behind three dead animals whose carcasses apparently lay on the side of the road leading to the holding pen.  The export of these dolphins, strongly opposed by numerous expert groups, NGOs and international government representatives, was brokered by a former Vancouver aquarium trainer described by some as a “dolphin slave trader”.  No-one knows for sure how many dolphins have been injured or died during the capture and holding process but a million-dollar deal ended in a 30-hour flight to a resort hotel in the Middle East.

Maybe the dolphins that died were – in fact – the lucky ones.  What prospects do the survivors have?  Instead of hundreds of miles of tropical ocean, the dynamics of living in their ever-changing pods, the freedom to communicate, and, if you believe as I do, discussing the world around them in a language we are too impoverished to understand, they face a lifetime in a pool.

If this was a ‘deal or no deal’, if they could choose ……. and the real tragedy on top of all of this is that we seem powerless to prevent this kind of archaic exploitation from taking place.  Governments complain, we wring our hands …… the authorities claim that there is nothing wrong.

I am deeply ashamed.

Blogging off.


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One Response to “Solomon Island Dolphins – the nightmare continues”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    “CASH IS KING”….”MONEY TALKS”…..Apparently it seems with enough money behind you any deal is possible no matter how barbaric !!