Share the spirit of Elsa this Christmas

Dear Friends

A Christmas present for wild animals in need!

Born Free has been making waves for wild animals for nearly 24 years here in the UK and at our projects around the world but, in the USA, we are still a relatively ‘new kid on the block’.  However, this week, Born Free USA merged with the Animal Protection Institute to form Born Free USA United with Animal Protection Institute. 

So, wild animals in need in the USA held in zoos, circuses, as exotic pets, trapped or subjected to trade, can count on a new and even more dynamic force, bringing the spirit of Elsa to their aid. 

The new organisation has a head office in Sacramento, California and is also operates in Washington DC, the nation’s capital.  I am very excited about the prospects of Born Free’s global message ringing out around the world and I hope and believe that people who care about animals, wherever they are, will join us and dedicate themselves to changing animals’ lives for good.

I am going to try and do one or two more blogs before the end of the year but in case I don’t, may I take this early opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas (if that is your festival) and heartfelt Season’s Greetings (if it is not). May 2008 be everything you want it to be and a year when we really take care of our world and all its passengers.

Blogging off


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