Mountain Bike Challenge begins!

Dear Friends

The 70 km 10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge began at 8.30 am today
(Saturday 17th February) and the Born Free team cycled the first 5 km through the wonderful cedar forests on
the slopes of Mount Kenya and then down to the agricultural area with
fields of wheat and along very dusty roads until we entered the forest
on the foothills which is home to elephants and other species. We saw
plenty of evidence but no sightings.

Margie, one of the Born Free team, found the terrain incredibly tough,
as we all did, and sadly had to drop out at 45 km but myself, Kim and
John pushed to the end, finishing in just under 6 hours. Everyone
agreed that the route is beautiful and a very worthwhile cause.

Tonight, Born Free will be hosting for all the competitors, a viewing
of “Mizoga” (Carcasses), a film that Born Free together with Kenyatta
University and sponsored by Safaricom has filmed telling a story about bushmeat and the detrimental effect
that this trade has on the human population as well as wildlife.

We were also very excited to hand over at the end of the race, two
Land Rover mountain bikes to the two winners of the Black Mamba race,
The Black Mamba race runs alongside the 10 to 4 Challenge but is only
open to competitors who ride inexpensive with no gears, Black Mamba
bikes. The winners were delighted to receive the Mountain Bikes,
kindly donated by Land Rover.

All in all the event has been fantastic and will have raised a good
amount of money for the Bill Woodley Mount Kenya Trust to help them in
their work, working with local communities on Mount Kenya, to protect
the habitat and the species that live within this precious, important
and fragile environment.

If anyone reading this blog would like to make a late donation to the
team’s efforts, this would be hugely appreciated. Go to

Blogging off!


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