Lucky escape for Kenya’s wildlife

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It is a rough kind of justice.  Born Free and other groups have, for some years, been fighting both publicly and behind the scenes, to prevent hundreds of wild Kenyan animals being sent to Chiang Mai Night Safari in Thailand.  The Night Safari, a product of the denounced former Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr Thaksin Shinawatra (now being sought on corruption charges by the current Thai government) has been a tale of disaster from start to finish. 
The final straw appears to be the death of two elephants at the Night Safari and three other elephants ill. According to a news report in The Nation (Kenya), Suphoj Maythaphirat, a senior official, said “Night Safari animal keepers were partly at fault for not screening the feed bought from villagers, adding that elephants should not eat too much old grass in a single sitting”. He goes on to say “Insecticide in the grass – bought regularly from three communities in Tambon Mae Hia, Suthep and Nong Khwai – could be a reason for the deaths and that tests were currently underway”

I sincerely hope that this is the final nail in the coffin on the deal that Kenya and Thailand made so much fuss about two years ago and that we can, at last, put this to rest. 

 Giraffes were on the list of animals destined for Chiang Mai © Shelley Waterland

Kenya’s wildlife belongs in the wild, not in a Thai zoo and no matter how desirable it is to people, diplomatic relations between two countries should not be at the expense of the freedom of wild animals.

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P.S. Please visit the Born Free website ZooCheck section for further information.

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