Knut – It is about welfare not conservation

Knut, the baby polar bear is an international media star but his future is uncertain. Born in December, he currently lives with keepers at Berlin Zoo but German law, it would seem, suggests that hand-raised bears should be humanely destroyed rather than allowed to live. Surely this cannot be allowed if – and I stress if – there is a place where his welfare can be adequately met. That is not to say that I am advocating the keeping of polar bears in zoos. I am not.

Destroying him should not be an option. Returning him to the wild is not an option. Leaving him in the Zoo with its antiquated polar bear enclosure (all rock, concrete – typical mid 20th century stuff) is also, in my view, not an option so given that he has now become a cause-celebrity in Germany, may be his status will encourage the German people, the people of Berlin and even Berlin Zoo, to create a polar bear sanctuary where he and others can live out the rest of their lives (but no breeding!) in a more humane and tolerable environment.

Watch this space!

see for more information on Zoo Check and for information on polar bears in captivity.

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One Response to “Knut – It is about welfare not conservation”

  1. Teresa Galliers Says:

    Surely there must be a santuary somewhere in the world where this little bear can be taken and brought up with other polar bears. Maybe Canada? But he must not be put down, that is an insane idea.Have these people no heart! He must be found a home no question.