Kenya once more!

Dear Friends

Kenya once more! And two days to go before the Mount Kenya 10 to 4
Mountain Bike Challenge. The team arrived in Nairobi in good heard but
Alice Owen, Born Free’s Operations Manager in Kenya, had
arranged back-to-back meetings all day to try and further Born
Free’s mission in Kenya. Key amongst those was a meeting with
the Director of Kenya Wildlife Service, Julius Kipng’etich who reported
his growing concerns that the proposals to relax the ivory trade that
have been submitted to the next CITES (Convention on International
Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora) meeting in the
Hague 3rd – 15th June 2007, could, if adopted, open the
floodgates to widespread poaching which would put Kenya’s 30,000
elephants under renewed threat. He and Kenya is calling for a 20 year
moratorium on any future ivory trade. I will be at the CITES meeting
with colleagues from Born Free and the Species Survival Network
working hard to help Kenya and its elephants.

Tomorrow, we head up country. It is a six hour drive by Land Rover to
Timau on the northern slopes of Mount Kenya. There we will gather with
the other participants (around 200) who will be undertaking the 70 km
plunge down the mountain on Saturday.

Personally, I have only three objectives:

To finish
Not to be last
To help the Born Free team raise the most money of any team entering this year’s race.

Look out for my next blog which will come straight from the mountain.

I will blog off now!


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