It’s a Parliamentary Circus!

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Tuesday night’s meeting  at the House of Commons was singularly frustrating.  With a time limit of only 90 minutes, Lord Rooker consumed significant amounts of time with introductory remarks and lengthy responses to questions about FMD (foot and mouth disease), Blue Tongue and Bovine TB, all the while bemoaning the fact that the summer’s disease, floods and Cabinet reshuffle had blown departmental priorities off course.

In reality, this meant that member organisations, who had sat patiently for well over an hour, were faced with the prospect of asking 10 questions in the final 15 minutes and were clearly left wanting more.

The issue of more wild animal circuses had already suffered a pre-emptive strike in the Minister’s opening remarks when it was described as controversial but of lower priority.  My last gasp intervention on behalf of circus animals (as the clock counted down the final minutes) was given short-shrift.

While the Minister recognised that there were currently only a small number of wild animals in circuses, he conceded that the number could grow but stated that “not everything can be a priority” and that nothing that required further primary legislation stood a chance.

It seemed to me that he entirely missed the point; that ending the use of lions, tigers, elephants, primates, crocodiles – in fact all wild animals in circuses – would not require primary legislation just recognition that circuses cannot meet the needs of wild animals and, that being the case, their use in circuses should be ended.

C’mon UK gov!  We pride ourselves on our high standards of animal welfare but as far as circuses are concerned, we now lag behind Hungary, Austria and even brave Croatia. 

Soon we could become the sick man of Europe regarding the issue of wild animals in circuses.

If this situation distresses you as much as it does me, then write to your MP urging him or her to call on the Minister to bring the use of wild animals in circuses to an end. More info on circuses can be found at

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    It’s good to know that you are there on the “front-line” getting the point across.

    Thanks Will and all at Born Free.