Around August 20th a barge tipped its load of logging equipment into the waters of the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve in British Columbia, Canada. The Reserve was created in 1982 to protect vital orca habitat.  The equipment, which carried 19,000 litres of diesel and other oils, remains on the bottom in an unknown state.  It needs to be inspected as a matter of urgency, before winter storms arrive, to assess the remaining danger.  Canada’s Coastguard, the responsible agency, have apparently decided not to carry out this essential work and so NGOs, led by the Living Oceans Society and Greenpeace – and now supported by Born Free – are going to carry out the work instead. We’ve pledged $1,000 to assist but they need more so if anyone can help write to me (
Meanwhile the IUCN (The World Conservation Union) has declared that over 16,000 species of animal and plant are threatened with extinction, many of them as a result of human activity. What? I just don’t get it.  Sixteen thousand species including gorillas, dolphins and more. Maybe it is too late. Maybe we have passed the ‘tipping point’ when the future of the world will focus solely on the needs and aspirations of people and all other creatures are eradicated unless they serve a utilitarian purpose in the service of humankind.  I hope not, but I’m beginning to wonder. You know when a zoo can spend tens of millions of pounds on a single exhibit, confining a few animals on a patch of ground thousands of miles away from their natural habitat, or when electrifying the West Coast railway here in the UK will cost billions of pounds and will result in cutting a miserable 20 minutes or so off the journey time between London and Manchester I have to say we do seem to have got our priorities so very wrong.

Whether it’s an oil-spill, war, unregulated forestry, the bushmeat trade, lack of funding, pollution, the march of agriculture, the expansion of agriculture growing for bio-diesel, collecting for the exotic pet trade or zoos,  human indifference or simply the view that humans matter and nothing else does, our planet and its non-human inhabitants are under attack from all sides.

It’s a mad, mad, world….

Blogging off.


2 Responses to “IS ANYBODY LISTENING?”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Yes it certainly looks like man is only interested in matters than concern man doesn’t it!

    “It’s a mad, mad, world….” created by man; might be a more accurate picture.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    I think the native North American Indians had the right philosophy with seeing everything as alive and filled with spiritual power; their sense of interrelationship with all creation; being PART of a LIVING WORLD.

    I think this is the key; knowing that man is just part of a much bigger picture.

    Unfortunately man seems to think that he is the bigger picture !

    Such arrogance !!