Further travels in Kenya

Following the ‘10 to 4 Mount Kenya Cycle Challenge’ last Saturday, the Born Free team headed north to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in the north of Kenya. As mentioned in my last blog, the two vets within the team assisted in the rescue of a baby eland.

We then moved further north to Sera, where we found the Mission Africa Lodge in fine shape and we were only the second guests to stay at this new, discreet and beautiful facility in one of Kenya’s more remote areas (See Mission Africa, BBC1 Monday nights at 7 pm). The well built by the Mission Africa team for the local community and livestock was working and the solar units that power the two units at the Lodge were both fully functional although there is a need for more lightbulbs!!! The food prepared by two of the local community was sensational and cooked over an open fire in the middle of the dry riverbed.

We then moved to the east, to the last home of Joy Adamson and we saw Joy’s Camp, a new tourist facility in Shaba National Park. This is a marvellous place that, if protected, is truly a living tribute to Joy Adamson’s conservation spirit. We are hoping to provide additional mementos to furnish the small museum area dedicated to her memory. As if to cap it all, on our final morning in Shaba about 10 kms from Joy’s Camp, we saw five beautiful lions sitting on top of a rock, bathed in the morning sunshine.

We are now heading back to Nairobi for a gala evening where Born Free will be presenting Mizoga (Carcasses), an exciting new Kenyan film, which explores the complex issues surrounding the illegal commercial trade in meat from wild animals, also known as bushmeat. See http://www.bornfree.org.uk/campaigns/further-activities/bushmeat/mizoga/ for further information about the film.

Late evening, we will then catch our flight back to the UK but we will be taking with us many, many wonderful memories of the Cycle Challenge and our time at Lewa, Sera and Shaba.

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  1. Frank Omondi Says:


    Frank here, You all did very well at the Mizoga Launch in Nairobi last night.

    My very best wishes to the Born Free team.



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