Flight to Freedom

Dear Friends

Sometimes you think you are never going to win but one of our partner organisations, working in Cameroon, has consistently proved us wrong.

Ofir Drori and LAGA (Last Great Ape Organisation), working in partnership with the Cameroon Government, is making an impact on a daily basis, protecting wildlife from unscrupulous traders and fighting corruption. Yesterday, was no exception and Ofir managed to prevent 500 African grey parrots, with an international value of over US$400,000, being shipped out of the country. More than that, he has persuaded the authorities to demonstrate their commitment to ending such illegalities by convincing the Minister that all the parrots should be released back into the wild!

As Ofir says, “It’s a great victory”.

I was there in Kenya in 1989 when they burnt the ivory stockpile, a gesture that caught the imagination of the world. The thought of those 500 parrots flying free rather than destined for solitary confinement in a cage in the USA or elsewhere, makes my spirits soar as well.

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See more about Ofir’s work here >

One Response to “Flight to Freedom”

  1. Sue Nightingale Says:

    This is excellent news – this guy deserves a medal! I only wish all stories had such happy endings for animals. Keep up the good work though as every little helps!
    kind regards
    Sue Nightingale