Flight to Freedom – Part 2!

Latest Update 21st January

Dear Friends,

I recently reported on the fantastic news that Ofir Drori and LAGA (Last Great Ape Organisation) had helped rescue 500 African grey parrots from the illegal trade in Cameroon, and I am overjoyed to report that many of these have already been released to the wild. What a tremendous feeling it is to know that these parrots are now back where they should be, flying free.

But the good news does not end there! I have just heard from Ofir that yet another dealer has been arrested and a further 500 parrots seized! And the Minister has pledged that these parrots will also be returned to the wild where they belong. So many animals’ lives changed for the better in one week is truly a remarkable and heart-warming story.

To quote Ofir from his email, “The total parrots to be released to the wild is 1,000! That’s around one million dollars worth of contraband for this week alone. If we include the Taiping gorillas, that have been returned to Limbe at the weekend from South Africa, that’s 2.6 million dollars of deadly price tags removed from our wildlife in a single week!”

This second operation was carried out in Douala airport and Ofir estimates that the arrested dealer is one of the biggest live animal traffickers in Cameroon. Although it was yet another fierce battle against high level corruption, the Minister who LAGA has been working with has pledged to intensify the fight against corruption and has personally instructed the release of the seized parrots to the wild. Again LAGA’s amazing skills and tenacity have shown that corruption does not always win, and that even in one of the most challenging countries in the world justice and animal protection can triumph.

The parrots have been taken to the Limbe Wildlife Centre, which recently also took custody of the Taiping Four gorillas. Born Free, working together with the World Parrot Trust, is very pleased to be able to assist LAGA and Limbe with this hugely important work to protect and conserve Cameroon’s magnificent wildlife from unscrupulous exploitation.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to report to you all this encouraging news.

Blogging off.


dead parrots
Some of the parrots weren’t so lucky

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