Will Croatia become a dolphin-free zone?

Dear Friends 

News in today that thanks to an international effort led by Animal Friends of Croatia, and numerous members of the Species Survival Network, the Mayor of Vodnjan, Klaudio Vitazovia, has ruled against the creation of a dolphinaria in his city.  It seems that the Mayor was significantly affected by the international outcry at the creation of such a facility and it looks like it will lead Croatia to completely banning the holding of this species in captivity.   

2007 is described by the UN as ‘Year of the Dolphin’ and so this is especially good news at this time.   

The UK has no dolphins in captivity.  This practice ended in the early 1990s due to a combination of public distaste, new government guidelines and a campaign which saw the last dolphins flown out of the country to the Caribbean, a project called ‘Into the Blue’ which was significantly supported by Born Free Foundation.   

Of course, we should not be complacent.  There are constant rumours that a new dolphinaria will be created in the UK, possibly in London, and that a species which should only enjoy its liberty at sea could once more be housed in yet another chlorinated tank for our so-called enjoyment.  We must be on our guard, like Croatia, and push for an end to the keeping of dolphins in water circuses. 

Blogging off. 


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