Chain Reaction!

Dear Friends 

Just back from Ethiopia and for one lion it is good news.  Born Free was recently made aware that a solitary male lion was being kept in a small cage on a one metre chain near the Ethiopian border with Somalia – not the safest place in the world!  The Ethiopian authorities advised us that they were willing to confiscate the lion and get it out of these appalling conditions but had no funds to mount the mission.  Born Free stepped in.   

I am happy to report that Dolo (named after the town where he was confined) is now in a temporary holding enclosure in Awash National Park.  I saw him last Saturday. He seemed calm but slightly bemused as if he could not understand how his life was being transformed.  He is off the chain and he can now at least walk without restraint.  He is thin but not emaciated and with better food together with a little exercise he should improve.   

Despite being four years old, he has virtually no mane.  We are not sure why – it could have been the chain that rubbed it off. 


We are considering what to do for the longer term but thanks to the intervention of the Natural Resources Department of the Ethiopian Government, Dr Rea Trchopp, a Swiss vet willing to make the 60 hour round trip, and Born Free’s financial support, Dolo can make a new start. 

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6 Responses to “Chain Reaction!”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Dear Will,

    After reading about the numerous ways that man exploits/inflicts suffering etc on wild animals, it was wonderful to find your blog on the website and read this heart-warming story about Dolo.

    Keep up the excellent work you do.


  2. Lynn Says:

    Wow, that is the most beautiful news. I’m very happy to hear that the Ethiopian Government were concerned enough to try to step in!

  3. cheryl spencer scher Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do to help animals in need. Your organization is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sue Nightingale Says:

    This is excellent news for Dolo – well done on rescuing him and I now hope he lives a happy and healthy long life – how I love a happy ending!

  5. Julie Sharpe Says:

    What a lovely story just thinking about Dolo having a better quality has made a rather dull day all the better. Please keep up the good work and even though I can only offer limited money to help I hope it is of use. I love receiving your e-mails
    Regards Julie

  6. Ivanova de Lasses Says:

    What a beautiful lion. I hope he gets to enjoy a good life!

    Great job!