Brutal and barbaric – it is not cricket!

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The shocking news from Spain (although nothing shocks me nowadays) is that three Spanish hunters from Madrid now face up to 12 years in prison alongside the hunt organiser for shooting ex-circus and zoo lions, and tigers.  They were caught red-handed in December 2005 as, according to the Olive Press Newspaper in Andalucia, they posed with a tiger they had riddled with bullets.  They were about to shoot another tiger and a one-eyed lion.  The hunt organiser’s company apparently had dozens of clients including some from Britain and the estate where the shootings takes place was also used for photographs of hunters standing next to their trophies.

The whole thing makes my blood run cold.

One of the wildlife investigators, Francisco, told the Olive Press that “It is one of the most barbaric examples of hunting abuses seen in Europe for decades.  These animals could hardly move having been cooped up in cages for days and would be easy to kill.  Having been kept in captivity for most of their lives, they would have no idea what to do, less to hide, particularly in an area completely unknown to them.  This was a cold, callous example of cruelty and I hope those responsible are heavily punished”. 

Francisco is right.  These people deserve to serve the maximum that the law allows.  Of course, then they will have their freedom back unlike the animals they wasted away.

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One Response to “Brutal and barbaric – it is not cricket!”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I don’t have the words to express my feelings about how sick an act this is.

    What adds to my frustration about it all is the fact that I feel the punishment is never harsh enough for the crime and as such will never be the deterent it should be !!

    At the end of the day the victim loses everything; In this case the animals have been affected twice (caged most of their lives, and then shot !!). What sort of existence is that ?

    I can imagine how this will go: Fancy arguments will be made that guilty parties are themselves victims of society, sentences get reduced etc, etc, etc…. !!