Anne, the last circus elephant and more

Dear Friends

New images and information about Anne the elephant, the last circus elephant in the UK, were published by the Sunday Mirror last weekend and have been sent on to Born Free.  I find them upsetting and I worry deeply about Anne’s future.  It seems to me that the days of an elephant being transported around the UK to appear under the Big Top should have been consigned to history some time ago but this is not the case.  Of course, many people say what can be done and currently, while Anne remains the property of Mr Bobby Roberts, it is hard to make any real progress.  We hope he will respond positively to our request for a meeting so that we can discuss what the future might hold for this elderly lady.

I have also been thinking about the government.  The Chancellor’s budget which cut the basic rate of income tax from 22p to 20p may well have been welcome by many people but, of course, it has a negative impact on charities since it means that we can claim less tax back through Gift Aid.  Nevertheless, Gift Aid is of enormous value to Born Free and so, if by any chance you are thinking of making a donation and you are a UK tax payer, please don’t forget to ask for our Gift Aid form or click here.

Finally, Amboseli National Park in Kenya was the venue for a ”stakeholders meeting” last week where a large planning document was put forward which discussed the future of the Park.  It seems slightly strange to me that such detailed plans were under discussion while the very future of the Park itself is the subject of a lawsuit in the Nairobi High Court following the announcement last year that Amboseli would be handed over to the local council.  For more details, click here .

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