‘Europe’s Forgotten Animals’

Dear Friends

At a well-attended press conference at the International Press Conference Centre in Brussels today, delegates and members of the press were told about a new initiative to try and focus the spotlight on to ‘Europe’s Forgotten Animals’ that are languishing in zoos and circuses, performing in dolphinaria, or held as private pets.

The film that the ENDCAP Coalition (END the keeping of wild animals in CAPtivity) presented at the conference, had delegates in tears. An emotional Virginia McKenna OBE, asked “How, in the 21st Century, it is possible that animals are still kept this way?”.

Full details are on our website but my own personal message to anyone reading this is to help us. We will be announcing a series of actions, including a public participation opportunity, very shortly and details will be put on to our website. I will also be sending a blog on this in the future but I need everyone to spare a minute or two to make sure that these animals are no longer living in the shadows but become a priority of Europe’s decision-makers.

The film shown at the press conference is available to view below. The film does not contain images that are violent or offensive, but it is simply evidence of how badly we have got this wrong and what we need to do is to put it right.

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