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Although many organisations have been striving to protect great apes and monkeys many species are still in decline.  That is why Born Free remains committed to supporting conservation action, trade restrictions and law enforcement to help stem this tide.

  • Born Free has partnered with Primate Society of Great Britain to award an annual grant to further primate research and compassionate conservation action. 
  • Born Free campaigns against the illegal trade in bushmeat from primates and other threatened species, and in the live trade in infant primates, which is exacerbated by logging and other commercial ventures that increase access to forest. 
  • As a member of FSC, Born Free encourages people to investigate the source of hardwood products and only buy those that have sustainably produced certification.
  • Since 2002 Born Free has been supporting LAGA3 and more recently the wider EAGLE network4, focusing on the enforcement of national legislation that covers  the protection and preservation of wildlife in a number of Central and West African countries.
  • Born Free campaigns against the keeping and exploitation of primates in captivity around the world, in 2014 releasing a report entitled ‘Pet Shop Primates’ a stark look at the UK primate pet trade.
  • Born Free has a long history of rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of wildlife.  It funds: the Zambia Primate Project in Zambia, one of Africa’s most successful primate release programmes; the Lilongwe wildlife Centre, in Malawi; and Born Free’s own wildlife rescue, conservation and education centre, Ensessakotteh, in Ethiopia.
2 Last Great Ape Organisation
3 Eco Activists for Governance and Law Enforcement



Born Free Foundation
Broadlands Business Campus, Langhurstwood Road
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