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Captive sea turtles are exploited for tourist souvenir photographs
Sea turtles are often held in small captive environments

Globally there are many marine turtles kept in captivity at aquariums, turtle parks and hatcheries.  

Often tanks are designed with the public in mind and the animals contained may suffer limited space, overcrowding, susceptibility to abnormal behaviour, and are prone to disease.  Previously seen as facilities that conserve marine turtles, many hatcheries are now regarded as largely exploitive and commercial enterprises, where natural hatching behaviour is disrupted. Many turtles are kept in inadequate conditions or may be exploited for tourism activities. 

Born Free opposes the keeping of turtles and all wild animals in captivity both in the UK and worldwide, and encourages a change in public opinion away from keeping wild animals in captivity, in favour of their protection in the wild. 

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