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Tiger Conservation Talk

Born Free staff and volunteers were recently treated to an inspiring visit from noted tiger conservationist, Kishor Rithe. Founder of not one, but two influential NGOs operating throughout Central India, Kishor explained how small scale action over twenty years ago, with the formation of the Nature Conservation Society Amravati (NCSA), has since grown into a legacy of dedication to the environmental cause in a country plagued by the constant competition between people and wildlife for precious and dwindling resources.

Under Kishor’s passionate leadership, the NCSA, and more recently the Satpuda Foundation, have succeeded in mobilising public support for conservation - transforming intentions and goodwill into tangible benefits, not only for tigers, but also the people who share their land with them. This proven commitment to developing long-term and trustful relations between communities and conservationists was what led Born Free to support Kishor’s work since 2005, as part of the Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme.

Of all his considerable achievements in advocating for greater protection of tigers and their habitat, the story of 13-year-old Madhav Rajaram Subrahmanyam highlighted best of all the impact Kishor has had on a new generation of Indians. From the age of ten, when he first heard from Kishor about the urgent need to protect wildlife, Madhav polished shoes, delivered packages and even demanded a toll from all visitors to his home so he could raise money to save the tiger. His mission is on-going but having already amassed over £2,000 to contribute to Satpuda Foundation’s activities, he has built up an army of over 300 fellow youngsters, equally eager to act before the tiger disappears from the Satpuda landscape.

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