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Tigers are revered and admired by people across many different cultures. Yet humanity’s love for these majestic animals is not reflected in the way in which humanity has devastatingly undermined their welfare and conservation. From circuses and zoos to tiger farms and as pets in people’s homes, captive tigers are exploited and abused.

In the wild, tigers continue to be persecuted and killed relentlessly due to demand for their skins as luxury rugs and home décor, and for their bones which are used to make medicines and ‘health tonic’ wine. The forests they live in are threatened by encroachment, mines, dams, palm oil plantations, roads and railways, turning tiger havens into ever diminishing forest islands, many of them devoid of wild prey. In addition, tigers are in increasing conflict with people living alongside them who encroach on their habitat, compete for their prey and persecute tigers in return for livestock deaths.

These threats have pushed wild tigers to the brink of extinction – fewer than 4,000 tigers remain worldwide today. Born Free is working to help make sure that tigers are given the best chance at thriving in the wild. In Central India, the Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme (SLTP) is implementing grassroots community conservation activities to prevent conflict between people and tigers.

Born Free’s sanctuary at Bannerghatta in India provides lifetime care to tigers in need of rescue, whilst our Zoo Check Programme campaigns for an end to the use of tigers in all forms of captivity, be it in circuses, zoos, tourist attractions or as exotic pets.  

At the policy level, Born Free works within CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) to enforce the international trade ban on tiger parts and products and ensure that countries which have tigers as well as those which have a demand for them take action to ensure a future for wild tigers.

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