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The African lion is the symbol of a great continent and its vast, heat-scorched savannahs.  The lion and the Born Free Foundation are inextricably linked… We feature Elsa the lioness on our charity’s logo. Her journey to freedom inspires everything we do to help animals in need. Over the last two decades, Africa has lost over 40% of its lions and today as few as 20,000 animals remain.

The lion’s hunting grounds have been converted to agricultural land, and farmers use poisons, rifles and snares to remove predators from their land. Prey species have been depleted, populations have become fragmented, and in some countries it is still legal to shoot lions for ‘sport’.


Lions have disappeared from at least 12, and possibly as many as 16, African countries in recent years. They now occupy as little as 8% of their historic range. In West Africa, the lion is considered to be ‘critically endangered’.

Africa without lions is unimaginable. Born Free is taking action to protect wild lions and stop their captive exploitation.

Photo - Angeline Swan

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