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Giraffe relocation

Giraffe relocation

If a restricted area has too many wild giraffes the options are stark.  The ‘excess’ giraffes could be culled, they could be left to eat themselves out of house and home then face starvation, or they could be captured and sent to zoos.  But Born Free promotes an alternative humane solution, relocate individual giraffes to a new home in the wild.  Born Free is helping do exactly that and has relocated surplus giraffes in Kenya to new protected areas.  In 2002 Born Free helped the Kenya Wildlife Service move 11 giraffe from Nakuru National Park to Kigio Conservancy.  In 2006 Born Free moved a group of giraffe from Lewa Conservancy to Sera, a new protected area.

See below -  the BBC programme, Born to be Wild where Born Free Patron Joanna Lumley helped Born Free relocate endangered Rothschild giraffes to protected land in Kenya.

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