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Conservation status

The IUCN¹ Red List, which details all rare species, classes giraffes as ‘conservation dependent’.  This means efforts are needed to ensure the species’ survival in the future.  

Although the giraffe is listed as ‘low risk’, it has nine subspecies and several of these are rare and under threat locally.  For example, there are only 400 Rothschild giraffe remaining in Kenya and this subspecies is the rarest giraffe in East Africa.  But in general giraffes are more commons in eastern and southern Africa, whilst numbers in western Africa have been more severely reduced.  The Nigerian giraffe is actually extinct in Nigeria, and populations only remain in Tchad and Niger. 

¹International Union for Conservation of Nature
Trading in giraffes

Giraffes are not listed under CITES², as there is not sufficient evidence of international trade in them, or their parts/derivatives.

²Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.  CITES is a UN convention which regulates trade in threatened animals and plants.

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