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The IUCN¹ Red List, which assesses species in terms of their extinction risk, classes five  of the six species of baboons as Least Concern’ and the , Guinea baboon (Papio papio), as Near Threatened.  The Guinea baboon is particularly threatened by hunting either for its meat or for protection, to protect crops from raiding.  The Guinea and the hamadryas baboons, which have fairly restricted ranges, are also threatened by loss of habitat caused by agricultural expansion. Traditionally, hamadryas baboons were hunted for their skins which were worn in ceremonies.

CITES Appendix

For CITES² member countries, the international trade of baboons is legal, but restricted.  Baboons are officially listed in Appendix II, which means their trade is monitored and regulated.

1International Union for Conservation of Nature
2 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.  CITES is a UN convention which regulates trade in threatened animals and plants.
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