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Human elephant conflict, Kenya

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Shrinking elephant habitats and expanding human populations mean people and elephants increasingly come into contact.  Elephants can be dangerous to humans, and can devastate crops and buildings. 

Each year, 35 people in Kenya are killed by elephants.  Born Free is helping fund a study in Amboseli National Park to investigate human elephant conflict and develop practical and inexpensive ways to help people protect themselves and their crops.  This includes better fencing, deterrent crops (eg chillies) and early warning systems.  More on the Amboseli human elephant conflict project >

“I developed a deep appreciation for elephants after studying them in Amboseli National Park.  But elephant conservation is complicated.  Human/elephant conflict has a big impact on Africa and Asia’s rural communities.  Peasant farmers watch helplessly as their crops and homes are destroyed by hungry elephants.  Conflict resolution strategies are urgently needed to deter these large and intelligent animals.  Born Free helps develop practical, economical and humane solutions.” 

Winnie Kiiru, Wildlife Consultant, Born Free Kenya

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