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Controlling Harmful Parasites in Meru

30 December 2017

Categories: Homepage News, Kenya News

By Moses Nyagah – Scout – nyagah[at]

They are tiny and dangerous, sparing neither the big nor the small in the wilderness. Silently and mercilessly, they bring down other wildlife. They say good things come in...

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Adapting to Baboon Raids

28 December 2017

Categories: Homepage News, Kenya News

Meru National Park is home to many animals including the olive and yellow baboons. As we undertake our work in this wilderness, we also face the challenge of baboons which have now settled and live within the Park’s staff...

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Living & Working in the Wild

27 December 2017

Categories: Homepage News, Kenya News

With commitment & passion, we all get the job done - conserving wildlife for posterity!

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The Lion's Sibling

25 December 2017

Categories: Homepage News, Big Cats Campaign News, Kenya News

Building 10 predator-proof bomas in 10 days in Amboseli is no mean feat. It takes grit, dedication, buckets of sweat, and a reliable Land Rover vehicle.

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Behold the Gorgeous Vulturine Guinea Fowl!

24 December 2017

Categories: Homepage News, Kenya News

Years back, we used to see them in large flocks at dawn and dusk as we undertook our normal duties – desnaring, lion monitoring and general animal welfare – around the western side of Meru National Park.

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