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Photos - A. Swan, Born Free and S Francis

A family of majestic elephants gather at a waterhole to drink. Long-legged, extraordinary giraffe stretch to reach tree-top acacia leaves. A magnificent pride of lions stalk the sun-bleached savanna. Wonderful, evocative images. Incredible, awe-inspiring creatures. And so many more - zebra, rhino, leopard, hippo, not forgetting birds and the smaller creatures. Kenya’s unique, irreplacable natural heritage.

But right now these animals face an uncertain future.

Animals are under threat from despicable wire snares.

The images are horrific. The suffering immense. Death is slow and agonising.

I’m sure you will agree we can’t let this happen. Help us please. Our team at Born
Free Kenya is working tirelessly to gather snares, tackle poaching and fight the deadly ‘bushmeat’ trade.

Kenya’s precious wildlife needs protection now and for the future.
Kenya - the start of Born Free, at the heart of Born Free. Please help.

Thank you

Virginia McKenna

Founder and Trustee

You Can Help!

You can make a donation online here. Or call the office on +44 (0)1403 240170

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