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Born Free Kenya conducts extensive national awareness raising campaign

Early in 2011, I visited 3 radio stations as a guest speaker to talk about wildlife conservation in Kenya and Born Free’s effort in this field. This comes barely a month after another massive media campaign in December 2010 where we featured on 3 national TV stations showcasing our lion conservation project in Amboseli. Click here to view more about lion bomas and the NTV news clip: Man vs. Beast

But why all these media campaigns? We at Born Free Kenya have realised that the media is a very important awareness raising tool that has not been fully exploited in Kenya. The last 5 years have seen the proliferation of radio and TV stations, which have become increasingly popular and therefore an easy tool for reaching the target audiences with messages specifically packaged for them.

A good example is Radio Jambo, a Swahili station with a good following in rural areas (where bushmeat consumption is rampant). They invited me to talk about the illegal bushmeat trade. With my advanced training on bushmeat, I was able to package messages for this audience in order to capture their attention and stigmatise killing and eating wildlife. The numerous call-ins and text messages that came in during the live show were a clear testimony that the message had a lasting effect on the audience. See below to hear / view the recording: Radio Jambo Interview (Swahili with English subtitles).

Another very important message we have been getting across in these radio shows is the need for Kenyans to come out strongly and support conservation. One of the biggest lessons Born Free learnt from the Pride of Kenya campaign was that there is an overwhelming amount of public support and interest from the general public on lion and other conservation issues. We are using these media opportunities to reach out to our current and potential future supporters so that they are kept informed of our tireless efforts to protect Wildlife in Kenya.

Iregi Mwenja
Born Free Kenya Manager

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