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Cheetah on the move

9 July 2015

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Haven't they grown?

You may remember that in April 2015 three new cheetahs arrived at our centre in Ethiopia, confiscated from the illegal pet trade in Somaliland.

Soon after their arrival at the centre, the team noticed that the three new arrivals were becoming more and more feisty and adventurous. Providing them with a secure space to explore, away from the dangers of passing wild baboons (which could easily take a young cheetah), became a high priority for the dedicated staff.

Sheba’s enclosure had a spare outside camp which looked like the perfect place for the three sisters. Reinforced with over-hangs to stop the wild baboons coming in and the feisty cubs from climbing out and hurting themselves their new enclosure was ready.

Stuart Robertson, the new Animal Care Manager at Ensessakotteh, tells us what it was like to move them into their new home:

“Our trio of rescued cheetah moved to a larger enclosure today; it was a move filled with excitement for them and us as they had new areas to explore and we had the joy of watching them in the larger area their growing bodies very much needed. Long-time experienced animal carers Metiok and Tefary had the joy of placing the cubs in their transport box, an experience made easy by the playful 3 as they were eager to see what this new box had inside for them. Once in their new enclosure they met their new neighbour for the first time, Sheba, who was no stranger to having other residents next door to him and was eager to meet the new arrivals.  After a long stare-off the cubs ventured out of their indoor house area to meet the first adult cheetah they had presumably seen in some time and explore the larger enclosure we had created for them. They instantly started playing and pouncing on one another.  We are all confident that the cubs will settle in very well  here and enjoy the larger area we have for them”.

Once they are older they will be moved into an even larger space with the other females for company.


Can you help? These feisty cheetah do not have names yet! For your chance to name one of the three sisters, please enter our ‘Name a Cheetah’ competition by adopting today.

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