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© Born Free Foundation Ethiopia
© Born Free Foundation Ethiopia

It is the lions which grab most people’s attention.  Of course, they are big and majestic, and they look magnificent patrolling their ranges but the truth is, lions are only one species – and we have to be ready to accept any animal in need.  This year, much to our surprise, we have been called upon to rescue more birds than ever before.  We have had chicks that have fallen from their nests; fledglings that have tried to fly too soon and could not fend for themselves and, sadly, a black kite whose feathers had been clipped by some thoughtless person.  In all these cases, our aim is to rehabilitate and release them but that takes time (a raptor tends to moult its flight feathers just once a year).  Our problem, is accommodating the birds as they recover and gain strength.  

We are planning on building an aviary to accommodate these “transit passengers”. 

Can you help us?

To allow the birds to practice their flying, our aviary should be, at least, 20 metres long, 5 metres wide and 3 -4 metres in height, and needs to be enclosed on all sides so that the birds get used to life without people. As the experts say “It is important that birds have somewhere to hide.  Visual stress can be severe.” They continue: “Never use wire cages or aviaries to accommodate raptors as damage to the cere (nostrils) can occur when they panic.  This can damage the baffles needed by the bird to breathe whilst flying at high speeds to catch prey.  Wire also damages the feathers.  Raptor feathers must be perfect before release to allow the bird to fly perfectly.”

If you love birds or if you love what Born Free does, please help us make the best aviary Ethiopia has ever had. 

Please DONATE today.

We want to be proud of it and we will be even prouder when the aviary is only used temporarily.  After all, it isn’t meant to be a home, merely a stopping off point on the journey from rescue to the sky.

Staying Cool in the Sun

Doesn’t everyone love the heat and the sunshine?  I am sure the answer is yes but the problem for us here, at Born Free Foundation Ethiopia, is that as the temperature goes up the animals’ food spoils more quickly.  There’s the meat for the cats and the fruits and vegetables for the monkeys; all of it would be better off chilled.  But how can we do that seeing as Ensessakotteh, our Wildlife Rescue Centre is off the electricity grid?  The answer is to use the very same sun that is making us all so hot!

We really, really need a solar powered fridge on site.  Unfortunately, they are not cheap.  The fridge alone costs around £2,000 and the panels and batteries to support it about the same again.  Hence, we are asking for your help.  

Please can you help support the purchase of a solar powered fridge?

So there you have it: enjoying the heat to help the animals and people.  Doesn’t that sound like an idea you would like to support? So please DONATE  today.

Stephen Brend

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Ethiopian Wolf

The Web Valley Wolf Pack are close-knit families of wolves, who live in Ethiopia’s Bale Mountains.  The Ethiopian wolf is even more rare than the giant panda and only 500 survive.  Each family is led by an ‘alpha’ male and female and every pack member helps care for their pups.  Sadly disease, persecution and habitat loss are a constant threat.

Adopt the Web Valley Wolves


Dolo was kept on a 1m chain in a wooden shack.  Emaciated and lonely, his mane was rubbed off by the chain.  Now Dolo now shares a bush enclosure with Safia the lioness, at Born Free’s rescue centre in Ethiopia.  Help ensure he gets the food and care he needs. Plus now you can add free cuddly lion to your adoption package.

Adopt Dolo the Lion

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