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Wildlife Conservation

In keeping with BFFE’s overall goal of supporting the conservation of wild animals in Ethiopia, in addition to facilitating the confiscation of illegally held animals through wildlife rescue, BFFE implements conservation projects that are aimed at species or habitat protection.  Some of these projects are conducted at Ensessakotteh while others are run in conjunction and cooperation with other groups.

BFFE, in conjunction with Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), undertakes a series of conservation initiatives to protect wildlife in the wild. Born Free has been the major donor for the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme since 1995. A new project being developed is a National Large Carnivore Survey to identify key areas in Ethiopia that require protection and target hotspots of carnivore-human conflict.

(C) Burrard Lucas

BFFE also provides capacity building for the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority and regional wildlife teams, providing training and helping develop public awareness campaigns.

Future plans include a cheetah rehabilitation programme. BFFE currently has nine cheetahs in care, eight of whom have the potential to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild. This work would be undertaken as part of wider efforts to conserve cheetahs within Ethiopia and would be a combined effort between BFFE and EWCA through the joint creation of release protocols.

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