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Appeal for support to build onsite veterinary centre


‘When animals are injured they have to be driven over twenty five kilometres into Addis Ababa to the veterinary clinic, and we want to spare them that extra stress’, founder Virginia McKenna OBE explained in a recent interview.

Born Free is appealing to supporters to help fund the construction of an onsite veterinary centre for animals at its wildlife rescue centre in Ethiopia. Although a vet can be called onsite for minor complaints, serious injuries often require animals to be transported.

Many of the animals being cared for at Ensessa Kotteh were confiscated from wildlife criminals. These animals have already suffered trauma and many severe health issues by the time they are rescued. When they arrive at Ensessa Kotteh they are malnourished, dehydrated or have sustained injuries during trafficking. Born Free always goes to extraordinary lengths to save an individual animal, so nothing is more upsetting for its staff than when a rescued animal succumbs to prior injuries before it can be nursed back to health.

Sadly, cheetahs are particularly susceptible to stress and disease when they are taken from the wild. Up to seventy per cent of illegally trafficked cubs die in transit, before they reach the Middle East’s market for exotic pets. Due to the suffering they experience, even those lucky enough to be confiscated and sent to Ensessa Kotteh still face an uncertain battle for survival. 

The new onsite veterinary facility will give Ensessa Kotteh’s cheetahs, lions, hyenas, primates and other iconic rescued animals the best possible chance at a long and happy life. The cost to build this vital new facility is £100,000, and Born Free relies entirely on public generosity to achieve this goal.

Ensessa Kotteh is the only wildlife rescue centre in Ethiopia, meaning that without continued public funding the animals would have nowhere to go. Wildlife crime is a multi-billion-dollar industry so the urgent need to protect Ethiopia’s wildlife cannot be over-emphasised. If this leaves you feeling in any way despondent about the impact you can make, I would urge you to listen to the words of our founder, Virginia McKenna, who simply said: ‘one animal, one person, can do so much’.

Please donate here to help Born Free to Build a Future for Wildlife. Thank you.

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