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The Border Point Project:


In January 2015, the Born Free Foundation Ethiopia’s three year Border Point Project was announced as one of 19 recipients of an Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund grant, established by DEFRA in 2014, receiving just over £330,000.

The Border Point Project, officially launched in March 2015 and headed up by project leader Fetene Hailu, aims to support improved enforcement at border points throughout Ethiopia, through the provision of training for local officials and staff. It will focus on tackling illegal trade in cheetah, leopard, elephant and other commercially exploited wildlife species.

Ethiopia is one of the largest and most diverse countries in Africa, with an impressive natural heritage and it because of this that Born Free Foundation Ethiopia was officially established in 2008 to support the conservation and welfare of wild animals in Ethiopia, especially by tackling illegal trade and ownership.

The cheetah trade is of particular concern in East Africa and especially Ethiopia, where significant numbers are trafficked each year. Currently some of these individuals, the lucky ones, are confiscated by the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) and given refuge at Ensessakotteh.

Update March 2017

Border point project

While the global community was celebrating World Wildlife Day, the Born Free’s Border Point project team in Ethiopia was hard at work delivering training to over 1,300 police officers and trainees from the Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) counter terrorism unit. These officers play a crucial role in tackling illegal activities in the Amhara region, including illegal wildlife trade.

The Border Point Project is a three year initiative funded by the UK government. Its main goal is to support improved enforcement at Ethiopia’s border points, to help tackle the illegal trade of wildlife and their products, such as cheetah, leopard, lions, elephant and other commercially exploited wildlife species.

Born Free Foundation Ethiopia and its partners, the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority, and the Amhara region, Environment, Forest and Wildlife Conservation & Development Authority are thankful to the ANRS Police College for making this possible.

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